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Don Undeen
twitter: @DonUndeen
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don.undeen@metmuseum.org Welcome to BoomHiFive
Welcome to BoomHiFive's hackpad, a collaborative space for exchange and exploration of the intersection of art, technology, and the future of culture.
What's this all about?
In the three years I spent building the MediaLab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I learned a few things about how to bring out the best, most creative, most provocative ideas from diverse groups of people. One major outcome of that learning process, and pioneered by Jonathan Dehan, was the creation of the MediaLab's hackpad (http://metmedialab.hackpad.com). This tool proved invaluable in providing continuity for our intern program, capturing insights in the moment, and serving as a dead-simple platform for bringing people together around IDEAS, and turning ideas into PROJECTS.
It's my hope to take those benefits beyond the Met and into the broader cultural community, with this hackpad. If you're looking at this page, you're already part of our community, and you're welcome to contribute. You might find it useful to look at How This Site Works, but don't worry too much about contributing in the "right way." Just dive in, and we'll sort it out as we go along.
What's BoomHiFive?
Well, I needed an umbrella name for my various interests and projects, something less egotistical than "Don Undeen Productions, Inc LLC (c)." "Boom! High Five!" is what we say when someone in our group does something awesome. Hence the name. And surprisingly, boomhifive.com wasn't taken. Here's hoping it doesn't have an offensive connotation in another language/context.
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How This Site Works
The hackpad uses a feature called "collections" to organize the pages (aka "pads") into groups. We add pages to collections by clicking the "Add to Collection" link in the upper right, and typing the name of a collection. If it exists already, it will show up in a drop-down menu. If it doesn't exist, it will be created when you add your first page to it.
The collections will appear in the right-hand column of the Home Page, as a sort of lo-fi information architecture. 
We try to keep the number of collections from growing out-of control, so they remain useful.
  • People : this is you all! Create a page with your name, and add it to the collection "People." Here you can describe yourself, what you're into, your skills, any contact info you're comfortable sharing publicly, and links to hackpad pages you're interested in. This will make it easier for people to collaborate with you. Mine is Don Undeen
  • note: there's another page with your name that's created whenever you create or edit your first page. It's a listing of all the pages you've touched. That's different from the page you create with your info.
  • Topics
  • Big themes, like 3D Printing, Accessibility, or Computer Vision each get a page, and added to the collection "Topics." These pages are where we collect links, share big thoughts, have conversations, etc. 
  • Ideas
  • "What if we...?" "Have you ever noticed that...?" "Wouldn't it be cool if... ?" If you've had a flash of brilliance that you'd like to build on, get people to respond to, or brainstorm projects around, create a page for it, and add to collection "Ideas"
  • Resources
  • Great museum API? Directory of Grants?  If you find a great resource or collection of resources, make a page and add to topic "Resources"
  • try to link resource pages to Topic pages, and vice versa.
  • We're hoping this hackpad becomes and AMAZING collection of valuable culture/tech resources.
  • Projects
  • If you're starting a project with a group you met through this hackpad, or want to write about a project that happened elsewhere that's relevent to this group, create a page and add to collection "Projects." Hackpad isn't really a "project management" tool, but it's handy for collecting documentation, links, images, etc.
  • try to link project pages to their related Topic Pages, and from those Topic pages to the Project page. 
  • Writing
  • Working on a blog post, scholarly paper, or other writing destined for publication? This hackpad can be a good place to sketch that out, get contributions, or even to publish it right on this hackpad. It's where I'll be doing much of my publishing, but others are welcome to use it as well. 
  • Other Collections: Do we need other collections? Collections don't have sub-collections, or hierarchies, so they don't do everything. But if you've got ideas, add them in comments below
  • this is a comment, you create it by typing // at the start of a line

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