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Jasper Visser

765 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jasper Visser 765 days ago
Don U
  •  what if this was the "seeding" round, where people didn't exchange cards? YES!
  •  are we trying to exchange knowledge, or to spark new ideas through surprising juxtapositions of ideas? I was thinking that maybe success happens in this game when the crazy combination of black and white card lead to a new idea? BOTH: from knowledge exchange come new ideas, and vice versa.
  •  this i love. Putting those white cards on a big black poster. there will be some hilarious combinations. It's almost like a surrealist game, isn't it? It is, but with a serious edge to it.
794 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Don Undeen , Jasper Visser 794 days ago
"Criminality" (as opposed to "evil") is defined by the authority in control. It may serve as a definition that the Criminal Museum operates in antipathy to those established authorities, their mores, traditions and history.
Jasper V I guess the most important addition is that the Criminal Museum is an entrepreneurial museum, creating value in creative ways, all the time, jumping on opportunity, quickly responding to consumer needs, etc. etc. It's not just about open and institutional change: it's about an attitude to making things happen.
  • Don't be jerk (mostly).
  • freely use cultural media for your own ends (even commercial!).
There are already lots of museum criminals out there. Their work collectively is part of the Criminal Museum. (Note: I don't advocate or endorse these activities. It's open to debate whether these are all properly "Museum Criminals," but it's worth looking at through that lens)
  • publish price tags. (oh nos!)
  • projection-map onto public spaces.
  • Make shower curtains with Public-domain art on them (OH NOOOS!)

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